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Jen Kraus

"From 1998 to 2002, throughout my years at Warwick Valley High School, The Moving Company Modern Dance Center was my second home.  It was there, situated in a cozy studio on Main Street, that I learned to think of myself as a dancer.  After years of ballet training it became clear to me at age 13 that ballet was not going to embrace my curvy, athletic shape.  I had no idea what modern dance was but after my first class with Linda I knew it was where I could express myself fully.  I took every class- Patty Cook taught me technique that would last a lifetime, African dance and Pilobolus workshops opened my eyes to forms of movement that actually required my strong legs and groundedness, and Linda's choreography forever changed my expectations for myself as a dancer and a storyteller.  I highly recommend The Moving Company Modern Dance Center for any dancer that wants to challenge themselves physically and personally.  During my experience with Linda's company I was allowed to explore the common teenage ups and downs and express myself in a rewarding way.  Performing throughout the year and trips to Brooklyn Arts Exchange were powerful outlets for young dancers!  As an adult I came back again and again to The Moving Company to teach and to join classes and workshops.  The conversation that Linda and I started in her studio about dance and life is still going strong 15 years later and I couldn't be more grateful that someone took the time to teach me how to find what I wanted to say as a dancer and a person. In 2004 while studying at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy it came time to audition for ballet instruction placement.  Not having taken a ballet technique class in quite a while I called on my modern training.  Thanks to Patty and Linda I could articulate my feet, rotate from my flexors, be 'on my leg"' reach through my fingertips and perform.  They put me in the highest level!."

Melissa Browne

Parent of Moving Company Dancer


"My daughter Rachel started dancing with Linda at The Moving Company in 1995 when she was 4 and never stopped. She went on to study dance at Sarah Lawrence College. As an adult, she still dances and teaches at the school. And in all the time in between I watched as she progressed from the little kids creative dance class--moving and swirling with ribbons and scarves--to the older kids modern dance technique classes, choreographing pieces, and the teen classes and workshops of Hip Hop and African Dance. The Moving Company provided her with so many opportunities to grow and to explore, to move and to create, to think and to feel, and along the way, she grew into a beautiful, joyous dancer and a strong, confident young woman. I will be forever grateful to Linda for providing such a safe, creative environment where Rachel and so many other kids can thrive."


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Jessica Morales


"My time studying under Linda Mensch at the Moving Company Modern Dance Center has not only made me a better dancer but a better person. The technique classes founded in Modern Technique prepared me for a university dance program and put a step ahead right from the start.  The choreography classes offered at the Moving Company are unlike anything offered at the elementary level.  The Performance Workshop classes challenged me to grow as an artist, helped me to learn to communicate well within a group, and taught me to respect others.  The life skills I learned from Linda Mensch combined with the technique I developed at the school strongly prepared me for my career in dance.  Today I am a proud dance studio owner. My programs are heavily influenced by those I participated in during my youth. I can only hope that they will inspire others as much as I was inspired by Linda and The Moving Company Modern Dance Center."

Patty Cook                  


"The Moving Company Modern Dance Center is one of the treasures of Warwick. Through Linda's highly creative approach to the art, her students learn so much more than steps. They experience the real heart of dancing!"

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