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Past Projects and Workshops

We participate in a variety of performance project and festivals that provide exciting opportunities to connect with the greater dance community. Additionally, we offer workshops and master classes by guest teachers who offer new and challenging experiences for our dancers. Here is a list of past projects and workshops.  

Past Performance Projects: 


  • Brooklyn Arts Exchange Teen Conference 

  • Collaborative concerts with CMDE in Hackensack, NJ

  • Mov. Co. 10th Anniversary Concert with Jessica Nicoll and Barry Oreck, Dara Carr, Susan Thomasson (Pilobous), Irving Burton (Paper Bag Players), and Elyssa Machlin-Lockwood (CMDE)

  • Road Recovery Collaborative Performance at the Graham School 

  • Saraswati Project with Spoke the Hub Dancing at Lincoln Center 

  • Warwick Day Care Classe

  • Warwick Earth Day Celebration

  • Warwick Summer Arts Festival


Past Workshops & Master Classes:


  • African Dance by Yahya Kamate

  • African Dance Study with Partners in Education (PIE) program at local elementary schools 

  • Afrohopatazz Christalyn Wright 

  • Fusion Dance with Leemarieme Priestly 

  • Pilobolus Workshop by Susan Thomasson

  • Tarantella Workshop by Francesca Corsetti

  • Text and Movement by Claire Porter 

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