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Our Classes

Creative Dance 

Ages 3-5 

It's all about the joy of movement! Discover and develop creative expression with the use of music, stories, props and movement games.

Contemporary/Modern Dance Workshop 

Ages 6-8

We will introduce modern technique and alignment. Explore dance composition and learn choreography.


Choreo Dance I

Ages 8 - 10

Choreo Dance I class begins with a technical warm up . The class is focused on the elements of the art of choreography. Students are given various choreographic dance problems to solve. Then we spend time discussing what we see and what else is possible. They are also given choreography to learn by the instructor. This is a performing class that is involved in several performances throughout the year. Students must attend from September - June.


Choreo Dance II
Ages 10 - Teen

For our more experienced teens. Dancers are curious about exploring more technique. Class will pursue articulation of movement, critical thinking, exploration and study of choreography. Student and staff choreography will be performed throughout the year. Students must attend from September - June.


with Tami Small -

Floor-Barre® is for dancers the way vocal warmups are for singers. It fine tunes the body.

Floor-Barre® helps correct alignment, lengthen and strengthen the joints and muscles from years of weight on the skeleton. Without the pressure of gravity, it takes a holistic approach to help with numerous issues such as arthritis, tendonitis , back pain and other muscular dysfunctions, while improving balance, posture and mobility. Doctor recommended.

Dancing the Body Mind

A guided improvisation class for adults (all welcome).

Restore, renew, discover, release. You will be prompted through a series of guided movement explorations putting you in a continuous flow. At times, the mover will be challenging movement habits. Each week can be different, most classes end in relaxation. This is a drop in class.

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